Working Mom’s Meal: Chicken Salsa

I have been a stay at home Mom, for the most part, since my oldest was born.  She is now eleven.  I have worked part time on and off but it was always during school hours so I could still prepare dinner as usual.

 I recently started working “outside the home” and have days where I get home late enough that getting dinner on the table before everyone is cranky and dying of hunger can be a challenge.  I still want to feed my family good, home cooked meals and avoid the take out aisle at the super market as much as possible.  

So in the spirit of solidarity with everyone who shares this challenge, whether it be because you came home late, you were tending to sick kids all day or you simply don’t like to cook, I will be posting my solutions.  I hope you find them helpful and ease your burden just a little bit.  (A glass of wine with dinner always helps:-))

Chicken Salsa


  • 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast cut into 4 oz portions (or not if you don’t have time)
  • 2 cups medium to hot salsa (Use a salsa with lots of flavor or spice - the chicken can be bland otherwise.  Use more salsa if you like lots of sauce)
  • 1 tsp cumin (one of my favorite spices)


  • Put the chicken in a slow cooker and cover with salsa.  Set crockpot on low and cook 7-8 hours.  Cooking it longer is not a problem, the chicken will just be super tender. 
  • Add the cumin and cook 15 minutes more.  It’s done!
  • NOTE:  This can be cooked in the oven too.  I havecooked the chicken, covered with salsa in a heavy Le Creuset pot (see picture) for about an hour at 350 degrees.  

I served the chicken with sauce over whole wheat cous cous because cous cous cooks so fast.  You could also serve it over Trader Joe’s frozen whole grain brown frozen rice.  It is heated in the microwave in under 5 minutes.

I completed the meal with a super quick salad (I’ll post my super easy, salad method in a future post) and some frozen corn (heated up of course.)


Total prep time from the time I got home:  10-15 minutes.  And I had left overs!